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Veterans Retreat brings communities together in western Queensland

VeteransRetreat brings communities together in western Queensland

Adavale Veterans Retreat Photos c/-Ted Robinson

The newly opened ‘Wild Yabbie Bar’ at Adavale Veterans Retreat, Adavale has given locals, guests and visitors the chance to relax and socialise.

On a recent Friday evening in the tiny outback Queensland town of Adavale, numerous vehicles arrived at the local Adavale Veterans Retreat.

As the sun dropped behind the horizon, retreat guests and visitors together with neighbours from nearby properties, greeted each other with big smiles and firm handshakes in the warm night air.

For many it had been some time since they had seen each other, so this was a special chance to get together and catch up, a night of food, fun, and a few drinks.

A chance for locals, guests, and visitors to relax and socialise, under the stars at the newly opened ‘Wild Yabbie Bar’.

 Since late last year the retreat has been arranging these catch-up nights, with and for locals from around the region, all organised by members and guests from the Retreat.

The retreat’s Ted Robinson said the new kitchen, dining room and ‘Wild Yabbie Bar’ have become a ‘meeting place’ for locals, in a region that has gone through some tough times together.

"They can have a meal and a few drinks together, and enjoy each other's company catching up, and socialise which is important in these times."

"Just to bring people together and you see them standing around talking about everyday things, and I just think that's so important and so valuable," he said.



Locals grateful for night to talk

Clayto, a long-time resident of Adavale, said the opening of the ‘Wild Yabbie Bar’ has been the best thing that has happened for Adavale in many, many years.

It’s brought the town together, and it’s also an important opportunity for locals and people from surrounding properties to get together with visitors from the retreat.

"I think it's very good for everyone because we get a chance to relax," he said.

"People see that others are concerned about their situation and it's amazing what a lift that gives everyone."

"It's overwhelming really, I can't believe it, because we didn't have it years ago."

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