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    Supporting Our Service People

Adavale Veterans Retreat was originally conceived by a small group of Veterans who purchased an acre plot of land with an old, dilapidated, derelict, corrugated iron hut on it, which had been built nearly 100 years ago, to use as an escape for themselves.

         Kitchen/Dining Donga

​There are plans to install a donga to be used as a kitchens/dining donga with  …..

                  The Hut.

​The original Hut is being used as a kitchen/dining area with plans made to install another donga and continue restoring the Hut to be used as a ....

 Adavale Veterans Retreat Inc

Shepherd Street 

Adavale QLD 4474

​ABN: 52 629 925 319

m: 0491 897 966




A Unique Veterans Retreat

Located in a Special Environment

The unique environment that is Adavale Veterans Retreat has had another experience added.

The Hut (a.k.a The Elliot's)
Hut 2 Painting.jpg

This little building was home to many families over the past 80 or so years.

The most notable being the Elliot Family, who bought up five children here.

The Hut has two bedrooms, lounge, "air-conditioned" kitchen (no back wall).

Little or no milled timber was used in the framework under the corrugated iron - timbers used were Gidyea & Lapunya both renowned for termite resistance.

The Hut was named and owned by a group of Vietnam Veterans and used as a retreat. The Vets restored the building keeping it as near as possible to its original state.

The Hut and surrounding properties were generously donated to Adavale Veterans Retreat Inc in 2020.

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