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Our Projects.

Kitchen and Dining Dongas with Verandah.

We now have two air-conditioned units, which include a full commercial kitchen, dining room and bar with interconnecting verandah.   

We wish to sincerely thank QANTAC for their generous and munificent support in manufacturing, transporting, and installing these wonderful additions to our retreat and helping us in achieving this major milestone.

These new units compliment and build on QANTAC’s previous incredible support transporting and installing eight air-conditioned units each with en-suite installed, see Accommodation page.


Our service community and first responder family thank you for your unwavering support.


The retreat’s Ted Robinson said the new kitchen, dining room and ‘Wild Yabbie Bar’ have become a ‘meeting place’ for locals, in a region that has gone through some tough times together.

"They can have a meal and a few drinks together, and enjoy each other's company catching up, and socialise which is important in these times."

"Just to bring retreat members, locals and guests together and you see them standing around talking about everyday things, and I just think that's so important and so valuable," he said.

The Hut.

The original 'Hut' is used as a 'Veteran Community Building' where our Veterans Support Programs and Courses can be held, with Display and Museum space for Veteran and Community memorabilia.

The current volunteer caretakers carry out maintenance and other planned work projects, so there is an appeal for anyone who can give us some of their valuable time to come out and help us with the restoration, work projects and maintenance.

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